Thursday, January 7, 2010

How do I wash my clothes without shrinking them?

I have a couple new shirts I really like and they have never been washed, well I wore both of them this week and now they need to be washed, but I don't want to wash them because I don't want the shirts to shrink, how can I wash them without them shrinking? (I heard washing them in the washing machine with cold water, and then air drying them works.)How do I wash my clothes without shrinking them?
are your shirts cotton? if so, they might shrink if they didn't come preshrunk, but they will only shrink by about 5% at most. what's important is to do what the tag says. if it says wash in cold water, no bleach, and tumble dry low, then you could have a somewhat delicate shirt. but if it says you can use warm or hot water and tumble dry, you have a shirt that's easy to care for. this is a huge advantage since shirts are easy to stain. if it says hand wash and dry flat, you could have quite a delicate shirt you should be careful with. the important thing is to look at the tags, understand the fibers the shirts are made of, and clean according to the directions even if that means dry cleaning. shrinking is not your only risk when you think of how to clean a shirt.How do I wash my clothes without shrinking them?
Yes you can wash then in cold water and hang them, but they will be as stiff and itchy as ever. Turn them inside out and machine wash cold delicate cycle. Then when you dry them use the lowest heat setting possible and get them out before they dry completely but are almost dry. You should now have clean unshrunken shirts.
cold water, air dry is what I would do also.
Yes, wash the shirts in cold water , then use your dryer for about five minutes on low heat to get the wrinkles out, then pull them out of the dryer and let them air dry.
what fabric are they made of? Cotton and cotton blends have a higher tendancy to shrink but it is usually any source of heat that will shrink them so you are right cold water and air dry.
you can wash them in the machine . Put them on a 30潞c or a delicate wash. Or you can wash them by hand , also look on the label on the inside of the shirt , it will tell you what Temp you should wash them on
Wash in the delicate cycle with Woolite. If they are a sweater type then dry flat on a towel. If they are woven or knit (unless the directions say otherwise) then hang on hangers and let air dry. My mom always does this with her shirts. She says it really helps.
Wash them in cold water then dry them on low heat in your dryer. This will prevent them from shrinking.
Have them professionally dry cleaned
wash in cold water and air dry them heat from your dryer and hot water is the cause of shrinking clothes you can dry in dryer just use the fluff no heat cycle
hand wash in cold water
Just wash them in cold water and put them in the dryer on tumble low, thats what I do and I've not had any shrink on me yet.
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