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Why woman check pockets of man......before washing clothes......?

why most woman check pockets of man ... before washing closes or at night.. when he is not there......Why woman check pockets of man......before washing clothes......?
because men forget and leave things in their pocket. we have to check or there's not telling what will be ruined.Why woman check pockets of man......before washing clothes......?
I check the pockets because I have found lots of money that way. Before I got married and washed my family's clothes, on of my brother's left over a hundred dollars in a pocket. I even gave both of them the opportunity to claim it, but he said it wasn't his. That was a great day. That was the most I ever found.

I check my husbands pockets because he usually leaves a pen or permanent marker in his pocket and it ends up ruining the load of laundry. I only had to learn that lesson once. And I was so mad because it was really nice clothes ruined. I would let him do some of the laundry but that was another lesson learned the hard way. my whites came out pink
because if we don't and just put your pants in the wash, the money or other important receipts that are in your pocket will get ruined and then you're obviously going to get angry right?!
women r caring n concerned... if theres any imp information or details... so.. did u get that?
so she doesn't wash his cell phone or wallet, usually. it's because we men tend to forget to take things out of our pockets. they're just checking to make sure nothing gets ruined. it's not snooping.
So that something valuable doesn't get ruined in the washing machine.

Why? What did you have in there that you didn't want her to see?
before washing because if he have some paper there all the otrer clothes will get that, an at night i think is to chek if he have some money there XD or a note from another girl.
Sometimes people leave small or tiny objects, such as money, jewelry maybe even a condom in a man's jeans or pants pocket. That's the reason women who does the laundry, always checks the pockets of clothing before washing and drying them.
for money honey!
I only check when doing laundry and taht's because my hubby is notorius for leaving things in his pockets ie: ink pens and gum etc. and it ruins the dry cleaning and laundry
Because there might be loose change in there or wadded up bills, and those are HERS to keep if she wishes. There also might be other things in there that could get loose in the wash/dry cycle that could ruin some or all of the clothes in the laundry, so better to be safe than sorry. IT's all a part of sorting luandry, otherwise u get little regrets later.
Because guys tend to leave change in their pockets and she wants to prevent damage to the washer, and because guys often leave used facial tissues (Kleenex, for one) in their pockets, which disintegrate when put through the wash, and leave the otherwise clean clothes covered with shreds of tissue that are a real pain in the butt to get off - sometimes the damn laundry has to be run through the washer twice because of his forgetfulness. And it isn't just a man problem - because I'm retired and my wife still works, I do the laundry - and dang if SHE don't continually leave tissues in HER pockets! Jeez, Louise!
That woman is wise to check the pockets before she put it to the wash, . I work in a wardrobe dept. The laundry ppl.check all the pockets uniforms before they put it to the washing machine.You 'll be amaze of what we return to the employees of what they forgot from their pockets. Have a nice day.
Ok, she can wash your billfold, your lighter, your papers you may have left in your pants...really brilliant idea. Step back a moment and think instead of writing a dumb question.
Well mostly to see if you left any paper or kleenex in there so it wont get all over the other cloths . But I would go further and say its to find some evidence you been cheating on her like a note from a lover or a credit card reciept or a rubber.
usually for money...
Nothing bad about it as it prevents anything valuable, whether money or some important document from being washed or destroyed. Also, it might reveal some telltale evidences of the man's extra marital affairs, accidentally left in the pocket.
Because they want 2 make shure their mans Money dont go in waste..
Well..from experience I can tell you that once I didn't check my husbands pants pockets before washing only to find out that he had left his paycheck in the back pocket. I caught hell for that one. So now I make sure I check all the pockets and sometimes get a nice surprise ($$$) and such. If you want to keep your secrets safe then make sure you do your own pocket checking before YOU do your own clothes washing.
I check his pockets to make sure i don't wash anything important. I once washed his paycheck because i didn't check his pant. Luckily his boss gave him another one.
At night I don't know before washing clothes so nothing gets ruined by the water. See a lot things get messed up if they get wet. Or maybe your girl thinks your a cheating piec of sh**.
Ever seen what a kleenex will do to a wash?
I always check. Never know when one of the kids put a crayon in their pocket, or my husband left a pen in a jacket. I would rather take a couple seconds and check then ruin all that clothing. If you have something in your pockets you are trying to hide...maybe you should not be hiding it....or wash your own clothes!
I check my fiance's pockets because our dryer is brand new and top-of-the-line and he has the habit of leaving anything sticky, inky, and papery in his pockets.

We're not all suspicious, you know.
because pens in the washer and dryer is bad!!! guys tend to leave stuff in their pockets although I agree somewhat with the first answer, I don't check pockets or unroll socks, if you are too silly to empty your pockets or unwad clothing you have just taken off, it gets washed as is!!
For Money!!!!
there may be some thing left in the pockets thats y
I started checking his pockets when i started finding

Nails, bolts, screws, nuts, Busted Ink Pens, Wallet, ring, money, knives, screwdrivers etc etc

in the washing machine!

If he would empty his own pockets i wouldn't bother them, but until that time i am not going to try to get ink stains out of the clothes anymore!
Because rule of thumb is to check all pockets of clothing before washing them to prevent anything getting damaged in the wash. How would you like if you had gum or better a pen in your pocket and it wasnt checked prior to washing and messed up a pants or shirt of yours.
i told my husband when we first married that when i do his laundry, i will not check his ends up in the dryer
uncle why you here

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