Thursday, January 7, 2010

I need some tips on hand washing clothes?

my washer has been broke for about a week now and until i can get another one ive been washing my clothes by hand in my sink or bathtub. i dont want to waste my money going to a laundry mat, i beleive those places are nasty. anyways my question is how can i make sure im really getting my clothes clean after i wash them? what i do is let them soak in hot water and laundry detergent for a little while and if any thing has a stain then try to scrub it out. after i let them soak i rinse them out really well and throw them into the dryer. it could just be where im so use to washing them in the washer but it seems to me after theyre dry they just dont seem as clean as id like them to be...idk is theyre anything more i can do to get them clean? thanx for anyones help!!I need some tips on hand washing clothes?
Oh my dear! A broken washer, I do sympathize with you, as I recently had my laundry room turn upside down while we removed a washer (that BARELY worked) and dryer and installed another one and had some problems with the cord not reaching the outlet in the new setup! It stinks having to make do until things return to normal. Your problem with your wash at this point, is that there is NO AGITATION going on. You're doing the soaking, you're doing the detergent and using the hot water. What you need to do is like we did back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and beat them on a rock, or a washboard to get the AGITATION of the machine and the cleaning ACTION! You can try to swish them around in the tub or sink a bit, but unless you can really give them some serious turnings, you will note less than satisfactory results. I would encourage you if you must go longer than a week or two in this state, to check out a few local laundromats, you might be surprised to find out they are better maintained than you thought. The ones in my area are VERY well maintained, except one, which I wouldn't take my dog to, but the others are quite nice and one in particular, is clean, neat, has large front loaders and soft drink and snack machines, as well as a nice tv and some cable. Its worth a few bucks to use in a pinch! Lucky for me, the laundry room is back up and running, and I hope your is soon, too! Good luck!I need some tips on hand washing clothes?
Don't worry that much.

The first things you can always do is much sure the sink,tub or bucket is clean with some bleach before using it.

The 2nd thing is if you must have to go to laundry mat you can also take a disinfect and spray cleaner and wipe them before using them the owners wont care.


For white clothes you can add some bleach to water

For color clothes you can add color safe bleach 2
I get a bucket and wash them in that, dry on a clothes rack and avoid wringing them, (that causes wrinkles)
One thing to think about is that most of us don't do heavy or dirty work so our clothes usually don't need heavy duty cleaners or hot water to clean. (This of course does not involve diapers or greasy work clothes ) Having said that what makes your clothes clean is the agitation of the machine. You heard of women beating clothes against rocks in the river? They didn't have any soap. It was the motion of

beating that got the clothes clean. If you are really intent on

cleaning you have to move those clothes around in the tub.

Rub them together and swish them in the water etc and you have to do it for five or ten minutes to get them really clean. I think you will find after awhile the laundramat looks more attractive. The one I used to go to was wonderful. Clean and well run and the owners were very friendly. If you are nervous check it out one day before you take your clothes in. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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