Monday, December 21, 2009

Can you wash your clothes in a dishwasher?

My Mom is tired of paying coin operated machines in her building and they are always being used. She asked me if she could wash the clothes in the dishwasher by hanging them on the rack.

I told her that dishwashing detergent might be too harsh of the fabric and using Laundry detergent in a dishwasher could cause the dishwasher to oversud.

What do you thinkCan you wash your clothes in a dishwasher?
Wash them in the sink like the old days! If you have to use new technology for laundry, dry them in the microwave.Can you wash your clothes in a dishwasher?
I've washed baseball caps in the dishwasher. Used dishwasher detergent. Laundry soap will definitely break your machine
no u can not
Don't invite me over afterwards to eat off your plates!!!!!
my dad washes his baeball caps in the dishwasher
I think that your mom should continue putting coins in the coin-operated laundry. If you and she decides to start doing your clothes in the dishwasher, it's likely that you'll destroy it over time. The weight of a pair of soaking wet blue jeans, not to mention 3 pairs of them would bend the flimsy racks that hold the dishes.

Additionally...have you considered the posibility that your clothing could actually catch on fire during the drying cycle of the dishwasher?

I think maybe you and your mom should devote more time to finding a way to actually purchase your own washer/dryer, instead of friolously wasting your time with hair-brained ideas.

The call it 'DISH'washer for a reason.
No you can't... Why don't she replace the washing machine and use washing up the dishes...
are you sure your mom wasn't just kidding about that?
I work in a cleaners, and no. You can't wash clothes in your dishwasher. Sorry!
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