Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do you wash your clothes after just one wear in?

Im starting not to causse i notice it fades,I mean it smells then i'll wash it but like most of my stuff if i Waer it once i wont wash it till the 3 wear?Do you wash your clothes after just one wear in?
Shirts and undergarments yes

jeans, skirts,

I wear jeans a couple times before washing, i dont usually do anything that would cause me to sweat or get dirty though.Do you wash your clothes after just one wear in?
We being girls have to be very careful about our hygiene, so I'd recommend you put your tee's and undergarments in the washer after one wear itself.

As for jeans/skirts etc you should put it for washing after some days, thats fine.

However, it also depends on how long you've worn that set of clothes in that day, say you've worn it for like 3 hours or something, and you're gonna change..then there's no need to put it in the washer instead, air it a bit, don't just put it back in the cupboard. Hope I could help. :)
Lol..good question!!!

umm i wash my under garments after i use it once, well not my bras, i wash them after 2 or 3 uses unless i did some sport that day. But shirts, i wash them according to where i wore them and for how long, but normally after 1 or 2 uses. Like for example, i stayed home with the same shirt and its clean and isnt stinky, ill ware it again lol. Ok now with the pants, i wash them after about 3 uses cuz they dont really get THAT dirty and smell fine to me

hope i helped鈾モ櫏 and btw, im not dirty and disgustingly smelly
Washing wears clothes out more than wearing them! Yes, if it still looks*and* smells clean, I'll at least get a 2nd wear from them. Until I'm incredibly rich and can buy all new clothes every 3 months, this is what I'll do. I might also spray some Febreeze on 'em, let 'em dry, and re-closet. You bet.
hell no that is just stupid i wear them then i hang them again and i fold my jeans again and after wearing them like 3 times then i wash them....because i notice that when i wash my jeans and my shirts they start to shirnk and then they dont end up fitting me because im a tall girl what can i say
It depends on what I'm wearing:

Underwear and socks - wash afer every use.

Jeans - wash after wearing it twice

Dress shirts %26amp; pants - wash after wearing it once

';bum around the house'; clothes - after 2 or 3 days (cuz I only wear those at night when I'm home)
clothes i was after 2 wears in normal conditions but sweater and stuff like coats after more wears

bra's, after like 3 wears and underwear after 1

socks deffff after 1
i just wash them when they look/smell dirty or when i feel like doing laundry, i can wear something once and wash it but i can also wear something like 5 times and not have to wash it
no way, unless I spill something, they wear off too quickly, but 3 wears maximum

Wait, if they are smelly, yes, and undergarments, everysingle day
i wash it yeah when it smells or when there is dirt/ stain. usually every wear for whites, but not everyday for other clothes. not like anyone notices
i do... except for jeans or dresses.

i live in the south. it's hot here! you have to wash your clothes! lol.
Yes I do but I use woolite for all colors. It protects the colors from bleeding into each other and fading. It works very well, you should try it.
UHH weLL I wAsH MiNe iF I Go oUt oR If i Do SoMeThInG To mAkE ThE dUrTy BuT I woUlDn't WaSh tHeM UnTiL ThE SeCoNd wEaR UnLeSS ThEy aRe rEaLLy cLeAn!
1 wear then wash only if its stained or dirty , othewise 3or 4 wears, otherwise its wastefull 2 wears for gym clothes
underwear everyday. shirts once or twice (i check the armpits for deodorant smells). jeans when they smell so up to about 5 days. I think thats normal.
no thats a waste also it depends how long youve been wearing it
i wash everything after wearing once except for jeans
outer garments I wash after two wears unless they are dirty/smelly.

Socks and undies I was after one wear.
I do same as you , only if your a sloppy person or pron ed to mishaps
no i wash the stuff that has direct contact with myskin after one wear

but like jeans and sweaters and that stuff around the 2nd or 3rd

unles its dirty of course
wash them in cold water if you dont want them fading
Depends how long I wear it
Shirts and panties yeah. bras, pants nope
yeahh....becasue if you dont then there all nasty because htere DIRTY...

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