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Help With Washing Clothes??!!?

My mum isn't at home and I really need some help as I desperately need to wash some clothes.. I don't have a clue what to do.. How do I sort the clothes, should jeans be in darks? What colors are considered 'like' colors... What temperature should the washing machine be? Which program should I put it on.. What should I do with the washing stuff, should I use the tablet and the liquid stuff and where does it go :S.. Yes, I realise I seem like an idiot not having a clue on how to wash clothes but I guess I need to ppay more attention to what my mum does next time.. ! Answers would be greatly appreciated =D Thanks xHelp With Washing Clothes??!!?
Congrats on having the initiative to take care of yourself and learn a very important life skill!! Any mom would be proud.

My general guideline (and I've been doing laundry for decades) is that if you aren't using bleach, and you are washing on the cold cycle - you can lump it all together (unless it says 'delicates', 'hand wash only', or 'dry clean only' - then I wouldn't put it in with my jeans). I'd much rather wash it all together in one large load (don't cram the clothes in - they should pile loosely to the top of the drum) than waste water washing 2 small separate loads.

Usually, about 1/2 cup detergent, set on cold wash/cold rinse, normal cycle, large load. Pull the knob (on most models) to start. Do NOT reach into the machine until the spin cycle has completed and the drum has stopped moving. Then you can remove the clothes and place in the dryer (with 1/2 or one whole dryer sheet to prevent static - or two dryer balls). Check the lint trap and make sure you remove previous load's lint (fire hazard if you don't). Set the heat to LOW, and most dryers have an ';optimal'; setting that detects the moisture level and shuts the dryer off when it drops below a certain point. If not, usually 45 minutes on low heat for a large/normal load.

Good luck!

neon socks are 'colors', I believe they can go in with darks, but not in with whites when using bleach.Help With Washing Clothes??!!?
I wouldn't say you are an idiot, just naive and unobservant.

Darks go with darks and bright colors go with bright colors. All colors should be washed in cold water.

Whites get washed in hot water if they are durable whites like underwear.

Jeans get washed with jeans only, towels get washed with towels only

Also be sure to sort similar fabrics as well as colors, because gentle fabrics get washed on delicate cycle and things like white underwear and towels get washed on regular cycle

Put detergent and additives in washer before you add clothes when washer is filling. If you have a front loader, this is not necessary

Hmm, seems kind of weird that a girl would not know how to wash clothes, that's unusual.
I like to wash my jeans in a separate wash just because I believe they stretch my shirts. Colors are anything but black or white, if it is a new shirt I like to wash it on prewash and in cold water just as long as it isn't stained or dirty. The detergent just dump it on the clothing tablet just dump it in there too. White should go with white, dark (black/brown/gray) should be washed together, and anything heavy should be washed in heavyduty.

I'm not a genius in washing cloths either but I do this and I am happy with my clothing.
First sort out colours accordingly like

1) black colurs for washing separataely as they leave lot of colour while washing and get stained to other light colours (ex: black jeans, black t- shirt, all black lingerie slips whatever in black) wash separately

2) red colors separately as they too stain other dresses ( remember dont club with black and dark blue as the colour of black jeans or blue jeans may stain on red clothes)wash separately

3) all light colour clothers wash separately (ex: all light colour t-shirts, undergarments, any damn light colours will do) wash all these separately together

4) Most importantly choosing the buttons:

It depends on your capacity of washing machines:

Most washing machines would have mentioned on it like 6.3 kgs or 5.5 etc like one jeans approximately nearing 1 kg...

For heavy load clothes( like 9 to 10 or max 11 clothes chose heavy ie.H for water selection = press H ; Medium water level press M and L=light water

5) and choosing between options like Fuzzy for heavy loads approximately 40 -45 min and still more heavy 60 min and speedy ie. 25 min approximately for light dresses day to day wear including slips and undergarment light t- shirts etc...

* and most important try to wet a corner of a cloth and squeeze it and see if water drips like coloured water comes out of it then the cloth leaves colour like this u can find if colour goes or not

Believe me, I have done this and its been helpful in finding out if colour goes or not..

Good luck...I hope all these must help u at least a bit.....
sort the laundry into piles

whites on one side

coloureds like yellow green blue etc but avoid red. red usually runs and makes things pink.

dark things like jeans on one pile.

Don't worry you are not stupid. we all had to learn.

If you have red clothes or any labels say wash separetly then wash them on their they will dye your other clothes.

Use 2 washing tablets or if you are using liquid use the cap to measure just use one capful . Put the tablets or the liquid soap..which ever you are using, directly into the machine.

Don't use both tablet and liquid.. as they are both soap

Just pick one to use.. I prefer the liquid.

You mum might have something called clothes softner..lenor / comfort

Put a capful into the draw at the top of the machine usually on the right it's the smallest section.

Push the draw shut.

Make sure the door to washing machine is shut.

Now select any cycle that says something like gentle wash/ cottons/ wools. You might have buttons to push or a knob that turns clock wise.

Don't put yellow with dark

yellow goes with coloureds

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