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How do you wash baby clothes?

Do I need to turn them inside out? Should a snowsuit be washed too before the baby wears it?How do you wash baby clothes?
Use Dreft. Wash on perm press to get the clothes really clean. Wash all clothes before it is warn just in case there are any chemicals left on the clothes from the manufacturer.How do you wash baby clothes?
every thing needs to washed before the baby wears it, use dreft , its laundry soap for baby's and put it on a short load with warm water and low heat to dry
It's recommended you wash all clothes before wearing, they could be in a warehouse collecting mold spores or the starch could cause an allergy.

That being said I never wash clothes before I or the kids wear them.

To handwash it doesn't have to be turned inside out. Fill the sink with water, put in a small amount of your baby's detergent and slosh it around a bit. Then rinse and wring a ton of times until no bubbles and then drip-dry.
Its best to wash the clothes before being worn because clothes on the rack in the stores fall and sometimes there out there for a long time which attracts dust and gets dirty.

So its best to wash babies clothes before being worn.
I wash every thing before my kids wore it too. I used regular soap(no one has allergies) I also added a cup of vinegar to the wash to help rinse out everything. It also worked to kill off the thrush my daughter and I had. As for turning things inside out, it'll say on the label, I have 3 kids so I just toss everything in and hope it all comes out ok!
With my first two I used dreft and did all that ';hypo-allergic'; stuff. But with children number three and four, I've washed them in Tide or All just like everyone elses. I just wash them with the rest of our clothes. Doing laundry for 6 people now, who has time to do baby's separately!?
Everything should be washed first in hypoallergenic soap such as DReft or Tide free or whatever
Everything should be washed before a wear! I used our detergent after washing them in baby draft first, when he was leaning on us and I saw no signs of a rash we went to ours, saved money too! That baby draft is $22! But make sure you wash first, people have been touching the clothes and have grems, but save the tags in case it doesn't fit our is the wrong gender color. And no you don't have to turn them inside out.
I washed everything that was new for my babies. You dont know what could have gotten on the clothing when it was being packaged and how many people that have touched it even bugs could have been on it many germs. You dont have to worry about turning them inside out just use baby detergent and will be fine.
First of all, make sure you pre-treat stains, such as spit up, with something like Shout before you wash them. For regular clothes, you don't need to turn inside out. I would only do so if there were appliques on them. You should wash everything before baby wears anything - including the snowsuit. Use a gentle detergent, such as Ivory Snow - it's worth the extra cost to not aggravate baby's skin.
I washed all of my clothes in Dreft before I let my baby wear them.....some clothes do need to be turned inside out...(check the tag and it will tell you)
It's good to wash all new baby clothes before they are worn. Use a good mild detergent such as Dreft, or at least a mild fabric softener. I dont see why you would need to turn them inside out.
First try looking at the labels inside the garments. Usually there are washing instructions on or behind the label. If not, just try to wash them in the gentle cycle and use very mild detergent. You can hand-wash them in Woolite as well, until you are comfortable with machine washing them. I think it's a good idea to wash the garments before your baby wears them for the first time...they have such sensitive skin. Good luck!
I washed everything before my son wore it, it wasn't so stiff that way and I knew it was clean. I washed his clothes in Dreft and turned the items that might get pilly inside out.
Anything that the baby gets in contact with should be washed before used. You don't have to turn them inside out.

You can use any detergent that says it is specially formulated for Babies. You can use this also for pre-treatment. For tough stains I bought a Stain Remover in spray called ';Totally Toddler'; (I found it at K-Mart)
Wash all clothing new or old,with a mild soap. It doesn't have to be inside out and don't use anything like fabric softner or anything scented that might mess with the babies sensitive skin.

Hope I helped.
follow the instructions on the tag.. if the snowsuit is machine washable,, yes.. wash it to remove manufacturing chemicals.. Use Dreft.. and rince twice (my machine has a double rince cycle)
it is best to turn them inside out but look for signs of any rash which could be caused by the soap powder you use.
Same way you wash your clothes but just use an allergic free detergent.. Dreft is really expensive so I used All Free with both of my kids and it works good!!
Dreft All clothes should be washed before wearing. Maybe not snow suit if it doesn't contact babys skin
I dont see where u would need to turn the clothes inside out before washing but i do recomend that u use the dreft loundry detergent for baby clothing because is is hypoalergenic and babies skin is a whole lot more sensetive then ours but also feel free to use stain lifters such as shout. as far as the snow suit I would hand wash is before use but not by the washing machine

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