Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to wash white clothes?

they have no stains in them there brand new, i just want to shrink them but still there probly not completely clean from sitting in the store. so i was them with tide or just water and a lttle bit of bleach. there 100% cottonHow to wash white clothes?
Hot water and regular detergent for cellulosic fibers like cotton, linen, rayon, tencel. Dry as you intend to (in our house, I'd toss them in a hot dryer just to get the shrinkage out ASAP).

Polyester, nylon and other synthetics can be washed with warm or cold water, and dried as you intend. There should be little or no shrinkage with most synthetics.

Silks can be machine washed on a ';delicate'; cycle, with an acidic detergent (shampoo is a common choice). ';Regular'; detergents like Tide or Purex have an alkaline pH (it helps with getting greasy dirt out). Silk (and wool) are damaged by treatment with an alkaline (basic) solution -- hence the use of shampoo. A little white vinegar is often added to the rinse.

Wools should be machine washed according to label instructions -- machine washable wools are made that way by various processes and each type is treated a bit differently in laundry.

Not all wools are machine washable.How to wash white clothes?
Wash pure whites in hot water and a cap full of bleach.
Warm wash/Cold rinse

Wash in the normal way if they are not discoloured use washing powder. If they are discoloured use Nappy san. Only wash with whites. Warm to hot water

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